Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of United Singapore. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible team members.


Aadhiya Jeharajah is this year's President of United Singapore. She was born and raised in Thailand for most of her childhood before moving to Singapore, this being her eleventh year here. In addition to this, both her parents are Sri-Lankan and have raised her using different parts of their culture and the ones she’s lived in, enabling her to have a deeper understanding about the people she meets everyday. After seeing first hand the cultural divide, Aadhiya joined United Singapore to spread the pride of our Singaporean national identity and allow it to bring a sense of unity to the country regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion.


April Yoon is this year's Vice-President of United Singapore. She was born in South Korea and raised in Singapore. She has attended the Singapore American School for over 11 years, which has helped cultivate her understanding of multiethnic environments, along with great appreciation and interest for the nature of cultural diversity within societies. April joined United Singapore in hopes of bringing to light the issue of disintegration within Singapore and supporting ways to alleviate it. In addition, she sees the role multiracialism has as a catalyst for disintegration, but believes this can be utilised to comprehensively combat this issue as well. 


Freya Haque is the Publicity Manager from Singapore American School. Born in the United States, she moved to Singapore in 2012 from Dhaka, Bangladesh, where she is originally from. Although she moved in 2012, Singapore has been her second home since she was an infant. Despite her long-standing connection with the country itself, she still felt that it was difficult making connections with people outside of her international school social bubble. She joined United Singapore because she believed that organization helps to build bridges between the expatriate and local community and honours Singapore’s devotion to multiculturalism, a philosophy that has helped shape Singapore today and will help it flourish in the future.


Neeharika Biswas is the Publicity Manager and Web Developer, from Stamford American International School. She was born in Jakarta, later moved to Beijing and has lived in Singapore since 2007. Growing up in Singapore and having lived all around Asia, she has been exposed to a melting pot of cultures and sees the same ideals in Singapore. Although she sees and appreciates the fusion of cultures in our home, whether it be through food or art, she believes there is always more to be done and wants to address the current disparity in mixing of local and expat communities. As someone active in the fields of social justice, United Singapore is another outlet for her to help shape our country for the future and for today.


Arya Muthukumar is the Publicity Manager. She was born and raised in Singapore. Currently attending Saint Joseph Institution International, she has been exposed to many different cultures being a third-culture child. Seeing the divide between the international school and local school students, she is driven to bringing unity between communities and looks forward to working with United Singapore to do so. Being part of an organisation like this, she hopes to promote integration and fully appreciate what it means to be Singaporean.


Yoojin Lee is a Public Relations Manager and moved to Singapore in January of 2018. She was born in Massachusetts, America and has moved five times in the last 17 years. Despite being much newer to Singapore than other members, she already saw the clear distinctions between locals and internationals, in addition to the lack of interaction between these two prevalent communities. Very aware of cultural divisiveness as a third culture child, she felt that United Singapore was the perfect organization to join to learn more about Singapore and address the topic of cultural division head on.


Debora Ghosh is a Public Relations Manager. She was born in Illinois, USA and is originally from Kolkata, India. She is currently attending Singapore American School. Living here for 15 years, Singapore has been her home for almost her entire life and is incredibly grateful for all the amazing opportunities and love that this country has given her. She has always appreciated Singapore for its social diversity. United Singapore has given her the opportunity to transform her idea of integration among local and international communities she proposed at the Common Purpose SG100 Young Leaders Program 2017 into action in order to achieve social and cultural harmony in Singapore.

We are looking for more students who value our mission. If you are interested to join the executive team, please contact us!